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A Step-By-Step Guide

Minta’s Automated Video Ads Features

Every online store needs video content!

Unlike the rest, we believe that store owners should not create the videos by themselves, but should be created for them. How? Firstly, it should be based on their store data.

That’s the main reason we established Minta, to help online stores drive sales and brand awareness by using video ads without lifting a finger and a lot of guessing they should bet their money on.

So, let’s start with the top reason why you should use videos. Many potential customers that visit your store or view your promotions on social media want to “feel” the products before making a purchase decision. From a recent research conducted by MarketingDrive more than 64% of consumers said that their purchase intent grows by up to 3 times after watching a product video.

So to conclude If an image is worth a thousand words, video is unbeatable.

Here is a list of our Top 3 Stunning features you can add to your ready to use video ads, making them sales boosters.

It’s all about the branding

Branding your videos matters for two main reasons

  • Brand recognition
  • Direct users to your store for purchase

In our branding kit you can adjust two important things

Video colors: we have already branded your videos based on your logo colors you choose in the onboarding phase. However, you can always change your video colors by simply choosing them in the color palette.


Video signature: Logo, Promotion, store address- here you can add either at the beginning ,the end or both your logo, promotion and your store address. We strongly recommend inserting your logo and promotion at the beginning of the video and your logo and store address as the closer of the video.

Text Adjustments

We automatically create your video ads but here you can adjust your own text on the video! We provide you based on our best practices suggested text for easy adjustment. You can always customize your own text by clicking on “custom”.

Multi product video ads

Get multi product video ads! Simply click on the image icon at the bottom of every video, in the search bar, search any product from your catalog by name and choose it. You can easily arrange the order of the products inside the video by dragging the product up and down in your products order.

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