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Minta 101

A Step-by-Step Guide - How To Use Minta!

Minta is so easy to use but we wrote this blog just because our CEO forced us to!

So, without further adieu, Welcome to Minta! Sit back and relax because from now on we’ve got your entire video marketing activity covered from A-Z.

The entire idea behind Minta is really simple. We believe that every aspiring ecommerce brand needs easy access to effective video marketing in order to grow their business within their budget and without any effort!

Automation is the key for growth and success.

We will provide you with access to the video services you always dreamed of - at a fraction of the price.

In one click we analyze your store’s real time data and automatically turn your store catalog into stunning, ready to use videos for your social media channels.

From here, all you need to do is to unlock our automations and choose where you would like us to post them for you.

We Are Here To Save You Time, Money and Hassle.

Let’s get started with your stunning Minta dashboard!

If you wish to skip the reading part, we’ve prepared a tutorial video at the bottom. Enjoy!
(Who are we kidding, you know you are going to scroll to the video 😉. Video is what we do best after all)

Your Video Catalog

In the “Catalog” section we have turned your entire store into ready to use, fully branded videos based on your products data. You’re probably thinking oh, you shouldn’t have, but we did!

This library constantly refreshes based on your store data so you’ll always have video content to promote or share. Have fun exploring. The hardest part for you will be selecting which video template you love most!

best for you

Power Ups Tab- Choose Your Automations

In the automations section you’ll find two mind blowing automations that will save you time, increase engagement and sales!

  1. Automated Videos For Your Store’s Product Page

    Enhance in store experience and grow sales with product videos shared automatically to your store page! 84% of consumers have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a product video inside an online store! Coming soon!

  2. Automated Social Media Video Posting

    Stop wasting time! Showcase your product videos to your social media followers every day automatically! Works with Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest



By clicking on your profile image you’ll find all the basic profile settings. Here you can find your store name, plan and subscription status, basically all the boring stuff.

Video Features & Adjustments

Each section below has a video tutorial.

  1. Branding

    In Our “Power Ups Tab” You Can Adjust Two Important Things

    Video colors: we have already branded your videos based on your logo colors you choose in the onboarding phase. However, you can always change your video colors by simply choosing them in the color palette**.**

    Video signature: Logo, Promotion, store address- here you can add either at the beginning ,the end or both your logo, promotion and your store address. We strongly recommend inserting your logo and promotion at the beginning of the video and your logo and store address as the closer of the video.

  2. Text Adjustments

    We automatically create your video ads but here you can adjust your own text on the video! We provide you based on our best practices suggested text for easy adjustment. You can always customize your own text by clicking on “custom”.

  3. Multi product video ads

    Get multi product video ads! Easily create multi product video ads with up to 7 products per video. To get started, click on the image icon under the video, you’ll find the “Products” tab where you can choose the products you want to appear in the video. In the search bar, search any product from your catalog by name and choose it. You can arrange the order of the products inside the video by dragging the product up and down in your products order.

  4. Customise video colors

  5. Choose fonts

    You have two options to customize fonts:

    1. The first is to apply the same font for all videos, this can be done through your brand kit.

    2. The second is to customize the font per social video

  6. Choose Product images

    Choose which product image you would like to appear inside your video. To get started, click on the image icon under the video, you’ll find the “Images” tab where you can choose the image you wish to show in your video. Enjoy!

  7. Music

    All our videos have a music track selected by our algorithm, you can change the music by clicking on the “music” icon under the video. Choose the music track you like and enjoy.

  8. Video Sharing Options

    You can manually share your videos to Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger or download your video!

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