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Online Sellers Favorite Social Video Marketing Platform

Minta is your all-in-one social video marketing platform. Automatically creating, planning and posting your social videos in one click!

So you can save time to grow your online store.

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Group 24

No experience needed

No credit card required

Completely free

Your automated video creative tool,
social media manager, and business transformer


Connect Your Online Store

One click and you’re done! It’s that simple

Get Ready For Social Videos

We instantly turn your store catalog into smart & shareable videos, so you can focus on what matters most for your business.


Activate Power Ups

We’ll automatically share your smart videos to your favorite social channels everyday


Your Catalog Turned Into Ready For Social Videos

Once connected to Minta, you’ll access a library of auto-generated videos that are based on your product catalog and most-popular categories, like new products, best-sellers & back-in-stock items.

You’ll know which products you should promote and have a ton of ready-to-go videos for your next move.

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Plan A Month's Worth Of Social Video Posts In Minutes

Scheduling your social videos is as simple as dragging-and-dropping. Minta creates your videos and lets you schedule up to month in advance.

Plan your month now!

Let Us Share it so You Don’t Have to.

Like we said, we do it all for you. Just connect your store’s social media profiles with Minta and we’ll automatically share your smart videos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more!

Now, you can focus on adding more spectacular products to your catalog, while we share them with the world.

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Get Social Proof That Converts!

Increase conversions by up to 200% with ready for social customer review videos automatically created every time you get a new review on your products.

Currently available for Etsy store owners

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Your Store Marketing Done For You- In Video

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22,579 product videos later, you can trust the hype.

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